Maldives: always good here

The Maldian Islands, which are known as the country of the Maldives, are more and more popular among tourists and travelers. It is formed from 199 islands, which formed 65-200 million years ago at the tops of the chains of extinct volcanoes. The reefs that connect the islands come from destroyed corals, which give local beaches a white hue. Protected by reefs, Maldiv lagons are calm, full of various types of fish and corals.

The sights of the Maldives

The city of Male is considered the main village of Maldiv. He has several attractions that the city guests should not neglect. It is worth visiting the National Museum in the Sultan Park, which will surprise with unique artifacts, among which several Sultanic thrones stand out. About 20 mosques operate on the territory of the capital, the most impressive of which is Hukuru, built in the 17th century.

Of course, the country of the Maldives has a huge selection of entertainment. All her resorts offer professional diving equipment, and some work schools for beginner dives. In addition, there may be cruises on boats with a glass bottom and memorable fishing, equipment for which can also be rented, and lovers of adrenaline adventures can spend a couple of nights on a desert island. The most equipped, but also the most expensive place of the Maldives, is the island of Makunudhoo, which is protected on all sides by picturesque lagons and equipped with delightful white beaches with colorful palm trees.

National cuisine of the Maldives

Fish and rice are the main products of local residents who eat meat only for special occasions. Traditional dishes, with full basis, can be recognized as fried fish and ear. Like all Islamic powers, the country of the Maldives does not accept alcohol, but for the sake of coming tourists, it can be found in resort areas. In addition to coconuts, a little vegetables and fruits grow on the islands, so most of the dishes of local restaurants are prepared from imported ingredients.

Weather in the Maldives

Due to the proximity of the equator, the country of the Maldives does not know significant temperature fluctuations, and throughout the year. Calm Sea, dry and sunny weather, about 30 degrees – these are climatic indicators from December to April. The rest of the year, the weather is less predictable, but this does not mean that at this time, it is not recommended to come to the Maldives. It’s always good here.