How to choose a door lock for the right

The locking system is considered effective if it is suitable for your needs and really protects the house from penetration. You can choose between two main types of locking systems – mechanical and electronic.

Electronic locking systems or code locks

It is believed that these systems are almost impossible to hack. This type of castles also includes electromechanical constipation, which are installed in hidden places and are not noticeable for thieves. Electronic code lock on the door for which the price is slightly higher than on a mechanical lock, is unlocked by a special card or a set of code. If someone recognizes your code, or you do not want a person to have access to your home, just delete the system code and enter a new. No need to replace the lock and keys.

Mechanical locking systems

The locking mechanism consists of crossbars or “languages”. It can be one -sided, bilateral, trilateral or four -sided. The unilateral castle is not quite reliable, because this mechanism of thieves can open it very easily. Its advantage is only that it can be easily replaced at any time. Installation of locks with bilateral, tripartite and four -sided nomination of crossbars is much more reliably protecting your door. When choosing this type of blocking, it is important that the spikes or “languages” are advanced at least 1 cm deep into the door frame, so that the door opens more difficult at mechanical pressure. Multilateral locks are installed in the door during its production. Castles with mechanical fixation systems are of two types – cylindrical and slurry. It is believed that the latter are more reliable. They are much more difficult to hack. Nevertheless, if someone blocked the castle or damaged it, you must remove the lock and replace it. Even if you lose the key, you must do the same. Many homeowners install a couple of castles of different types.

Both types of locking systems can be mounted on any type of door. You just need to decide what amount to spend.