Panama – between two oceans

Panama connects North America with South America through the Panama Isthmus, and the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic through the Panama Canal. In addition to the continental territory, the country of Panama has several islands united in the San Blas archipelago and Bocas del Toro. A huge piece of the country is not inhabited, most inhabitants prefer to live in Panama City, Colon, in the canal and on the Pacific coast.

The attractions of Panama

One of the most colorful cities of Central America, Panama City, is full of both modern buildings and colonial buildings. Its historical center is included in the UNESCO lists, and its main attractive elements are: France Square, Paseo-de Las Bovedas, the Church of San Jose and Santo-Doming, the Museum of Colonial Religious Arts, the Presidential Palace. Near the capital are the ruins of Panama-Viekho, the former capital of the country, in 1671, destroyed by Pirate Henry Morgan.

A separate tourist facility is the Panama Canal, which began to function in 1914, and about the history of which the channel museum tells. The most exciting island of Panama is the island of Barro Colorado, located on the artificial lake Gatun (Gatun). The island is a biological reservation and has a reputation as one of the main tropical laboratories in the world.

The country of Panama and natural attractions is not deprived. One can calculate the whole province of Kirikuy (Chirique), rich in waterfalls, volcanoes, rivers and mountains. They can delight with their flora and fauna reserve Gamboa (Gamboa) and the National Park of College (Soberania), and the Anton Valley became famous for her orchids.

National cuisine of Panama

Blessed by a huge variety of tropical herbs, fruits, vegetables, the country of Panama offers a unique combination of Spanish, African and Indian cooking. The most interesting and demanded national dishes are: ceviche – fish pickled in lemon juice, Patacones de Platano – fried bananas, Sancocho – Tamels – Pie, wrapped in banana leaves, Empanadas – meat or cottage cheese pies or cottage cheese.

Weather in Panama

Located between the two oceans, the country of Panama also has a variety of temperature indicators. In the period from March to September on the Pacific coast, the thermometer shows 34-36 degrees, and on the Caribbean-31-33 degrees. In the period from September to March, temperature reaches 30-32 at the Pacific Ocean and 25-28-at the Atlantic. In mountainous central regions, the temperature is 7-8 degrees below.