How to make waterproofing in the bathroom

The waterproofing of the bathroom or other premises in the house is performed using gluttoen or coating materials.

Crypt -type materials are made using oxidized bitumen. The basis is added an organic solvent and a variety of solvents. For filling, the plasticizer, as well as latex or rubber crumb, will be. All these components are added to the material in order to make it more elastic and reliable. Such a coating will stay long.

It is good to use for the waterproofing device cement-polymer mastics. They are done by adding a mineral filler. In addition, water and dry cement are introduced into the mixture. Such a mixture in its appearance is very similar to liquid plasticine.

If you want to make waterproofing in an apartment or your country house, order a car with a driver of St. Petersburg to deliver materials is the city where this service has a low cost. If you decide to make waterproofing on your own, pay attention to the preparation of the surface.

Remove all the irregularities from the walls, rubbing them with a small skin. Bitum’s rolled materials have a specific smell, be prepared for this when you start working on their styling.

Pre -moisturize the walls from the spray gun, the coating will stay much better. Get a sealing tape and glue all the joints, so you eliminate moisture in the space between the seams. Buy silicone sealant and cover them with joints. Wait for the complete drying of the material. Only after that you can start finishing work.