How to build a wooden country house

When the winter winds are replaced by spring, the soul revives and reaches for nature. Many begin to think about the delights of country life, away from dusty highways and noisy cities. But before escaping from the city – you must have where. Cozy house in the bosom of nature, silence, peace – what else can you dream about?

But what should this house be? Perhaps many will immediately imagine a wooden house for themselves. And they will be right. Today, wooden country houses are most popular. Thanks to modern technologies, the construction of cottage houses made of wood or log house does not take much time.

Builders take into account all the wishes of the customer. Namely, so that the price is low, and the quality remains at a high level. For this purpose, a profiled or glued beam is used during construction. Thus, it is possible to maintain the price-quality ratio.

Turnkey timber houses have not only the virtues listed above. After the construction is completed, the country building is ready to accept its residents, as it is a complete building. An undoubted advantage will be that the construction of a country house from a bar can be started at any time you wish. This construction does not depend on the time of the year. And in cold weather, the price is also tangible below. The beam itself – the material is practical, durable and durable, which has heat and sound insulation.

Having decided on the material, you should do design and planning, decide on the final finish. When ordering a country house, you can dwell on a standard project, or order an individual project. Of course, during construction on a standard project, the time of construction is significantly shorter. But with individual – all the wishes of the client are taken into account. By comparing the prices and terms for construction, everyone will determine the most acceptable solution for him and choose the right option.

If we compare prices for country houses made of stone or brick, then the difference with timber or wooden houses is very significant. There is also a difference between prices for houses from timber and logs.

When choosing the construction of a country house according to a standard project, the construction of the house will be inexpensively and quickly. When erecting a house according to an individual project, its price will increase by +/- 15% relative to a typical house. Be that as it may, there are both a loan design and the cold season, when prices are much lower. All the Internet at your disposal.