Rest in the Maldives

We all know that the Maldives, first of all, is a resort, paradise islands for many, so many. White sand, ocean turquoise waters, gentle sun. Indeed, than not a heavenly place?   If we consider this very place as the Maldives of the Republic, it turns out that this is a very interesting state. It is also not difficult to guess that the basis of the economy of this country is the income brought by tourism. In addition, the inhabitants of the islands are accustomed to take by nature the maximum benefit, without causing her special harm.

Maldive Islands let’s say, coconut palm. Almost the only tree there. In the Maldives, people manage to use them to the maximum. Roots for the manufacture of ropes, wood itself – the construction of houses, leaves – a roof for the same houses, coconuts, respectively, food. Also, from a solid walnut shell after make dishes or jewelry.   The population of the Republic of Maldives is only 300. 000 people, and state area – 298 square meters. km. There are 9 airports on the territory of the islands, the main of which, of course, is located in Male.   The following are several, little -known facts about the Maldives. 1. The Maldives Republic is the smallest state in Asia, and the slightest Muslim country in the world. 2. At that time, as all over the world, people rest on Saturday and Resurrection, in the Maldives the weekend – Saturday and Friday. 3. If you want to know more numbers, please: in the Maldives 2. 000 diverse species of fish and 1. 199 coral islands. 4. Despite the fact that the Maldives have their own official language (dhiveli), they recognize English with their second language. In addition, languages ​​such as Japanese, French, Italian and German are common there.