How to install plastic windows in a bar house?

Plastic windows are universal, but there are certain types of openings that require a special approach to installation. For example, if you want to install double -glazed windows in a bar house, then in no case do not use a typical installation method.

You can install plastic windows in a wooden house only after it is well sucked. Before starting work in the openings, you install shreds or casing from boards that take the entire load on themselves.

There are several types of installation of glasses. The embedded bar method is one of the most common. On the sides in the logs make grooves to install bars. The boards are knocked together in the form of the letter P and mounted in the window opening. The formed joints are filled with natural insulation. It is forbidden to use installation foam!

Ship-monolithic technology involves the use of a special timber. This method is slightly different from the previous. Here, first side boards are installed and fixed, then the insulation is laid. Then the upper board is fixed in the opening.

For the installation method on the spike in the wall, special preparation of the wall is carried out. A special ledge should turn out in the form of a spike. The insulation is applied to it and the side boards are installed. They are fixed, and only then the upper board is installed and fixed, as in the previous method.

Installation in a steel with a quarter is a modified way. In this method, it has a special form. Thanks to imitation of a quarter in a window opening, the finished window looks more aesthetically pleasing. As you can see, the options for installing windows are quite enough. Which one to choose, decide you.