How to install a closer on the door: proper installation and adjustment

A closer, if you consider it as an element of the door, a fairly interesting device that allows you to make the process of closing the doors almost silent and neat.

However, if when choosing a device, thanks to consultants and a huge amount of information, then the installation of a closer for an ordinary person is a severe headache.

Installation in principle depends on the choice of the front door.

Installation of the closer is carried out by two similar options: from the side of the loops and on the opposite side of them. Both of these options are considered almost identical.

Since you can observe the installation of the closer on the most common option – from the side of the loops.

The installation process is quite complicated, therefore, each stage should be treated responsibly.

How to install a closer on the door: we do the right thing

First stage

Apply your closer device to the door leaf, so that the edge of the closer along the edge of the edge of the door leaf. Pay attention that the axis of the loop must lie in the same plane with the argument loop.

Second phase

With the help of a closer, it should be noted the exact location of the fixing sites for the fixing elements for the device itself, as well as its bracket.

The third stage

After accurate measurement, calculation and assembly, you can start directly installing the closer. For installation, you need to tightly fix the body with screws from the set.

Address adjustment

After installation, you should configure the closer. This process is very simple, since each closer has a special lever with a spring mechanism.

– Both components of this lever should be diluted. The component that is not adjustable should be put on a spindle and tightly fixed with a bolt from the set.

– Naturally adjustable lever should be fixed on the door leaf. The length of the lever should be selected so that the unregulated part at the time of installation is perpendicular to the door.

It is worth paying attention to some points when installing a closer on the door

Before starting work, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions and purchase all the tools necessary in the process. The quality of the work depends on how exactly you made measurements and marks.

If the marks for installing the closer are not accurately made, the subsequent installation can fail, for example, creaks, not a dense door argument.

Take carefully and responsibly to such, at first glance, of an insignificant part of the work, such as measurements and marks, it is the further success of your installation, and the quality of work of the closer depends on them.