How to make repairs in a small bathroom

The repair of the bathroom is considered the most important and responsible business, especially if its dimensions are very small. And if you make repairs, then you need to think in advance how the space will be designed.

You should start repair work with the development of a plan where a radiator, windows and door will be depicted in more detail. Thanks to this sketch, you can assess the space and make it wider. For example, you can move plumbing and then an additional area will appear. If you change the location of the pipes, you can find another place for the bath.

Currently, new sanitary-technical devices have begun to produce, which makes it possible to divide the bathroom into zones, which means that there will be much more places. This is due to the fact that such a shell and toilet can be located on the same partition, but from two sides. You can also choose toilets where there is a mechanism that provides deep washing and you can mount it directly on the wall.

In addition, the area can be increased due to the fact that the pipe, drain tank, or the fastening of the toilet, is moved to the walls.

In addition, it will be good if you move the door, but it is worth remembering that it should open on the outside.