The highest waterfall on Earth – Angel

Angel waterfall, the flows of which fall freely, is the highest waterfall on Earth. Surprisingly, the Niagara waterfall is 20 times below it! The wonderful Angel is located in one of the 5 mountains of Venezuela – Gayan. The swift waters of the waterfall disturb the river called Kerep. It is quite difficult to find yourself in this marvelous place: a waterfall with all tropical forest is surrounded.

Waterfall Angel

Only the tourist who will arrive here with air or river way can admire the Angel waterfall.

Jets of transparent water that fall from such a height (979 m, according to other data – 1054 m), do not reach the bottom. There is a feeling that they turn into fog. Therefore, at the very foot of the waterfall, it is he who will feel it. Something mysterious is felt in this, devilish. No wonder the mountain, from where the stormy stream of the Angel waterfall falls, is called “Auyan Tepui”, and sounds differently as “Mount of the Devil”.

The incredible beauty of the waterfall, unrealistically fantastic tapui – that is, the dining rooms of the mountains with magnificent flat plateau, the picturesque lagons of the Canayman National Park, the landscapes that are breathtaking – they will not even leave the most experienced tourist indifferent.