Top castles in the world

Previously, at a time when there were no modern computer technologies and the latest technical inventions, architects designed and built no less unique and beautiful locks and fortresses. However, they still amaze many people with their originality, greatness and splendor. Below will be presented top castles in the world.   The most fascinating fortresses and castles are rich in countries such as France, England, Germany.

Hoenshwangau Castle for 7th place in the top of the world’s castles is a magnificent building that is located in Germany – the Hoenshwangau Castle. Its history begins in the distant 17th century, then it was only a fortress that knights built. This construction was very often destroyed during various hostilities and wars, and during the Napoleonic Wars was completely destroyed. After that, in the 19th century, the castle was restored for a long time – for four years. In ancient times, this castle was quite lively. Here, balls, tournaments, secular techniques were constantly taking place.

Castle Mon Saint-Michel 6th place in the top of the world’s castles is occupied. This architectural structure pleases the eye for more than 7 centuries. This fortress is located in the very center of the rocky island of St. Michelle, which is located in Normandy. Initially, this island is surrounded by the sea, but was connected with the mainland through the isthmus. Over time, the pryd went into the water, and now, in our time, it connects from the continents through the bridge.

Lenoveburg castle is occupied by Lyvenburg Castle (it is also called the Lev Castle). Built by a famous architect who specialized precisely in the design of fortresses, castles. Lion Castle looks fabulous, amazes with its luxury. The back of the castle consists of many halls, rooms and rooms, in the front – several towers. And around the fortified castle there is a huge park in which the most unique plants of the world grow.

Marienburg castle in 4th place top castles of the world rightfully located the Polish castle Marienburg. It was built in the Gothic style, from brick (13th century). Exterior of the structure: located on the banks of the river with a picturesque landscape.   This building is striking in its size: it consists of 3 separate buildings, central part, top and several towers. Half of the castle was destroyed during the Second World War, but the even severe damage was brought to a fire, which happened 10 years later. Already in 1962, the architectural structure was completely restored.

Eilen Donan Castle 3 place in the top is occupied by Eilen Donan Castle. This is a very ancient structure. Looking at him from the side, it seems that it rises in this place for hundreds of years. And indeed it is. Despite its beauty, greatness and the amazing harmony of all the details of this building, it became so only in the 20th century, before that, almost 2 centuries the castle was destroyed, it was declined. Now his last restorer lives in the castle, but despite this, you can look at the castle from the inside: it is always open to visitors. This place is very romantic, it happened that some couples played the wedding in this castle.

The castle of the Chateen 2 Street in the top of beautiful castles was occupied by the Chateen dezhon, located on the island in Lake Geneva, in Switzerland. The castle is built on the rock of the deep lake, from the back of the castle it departs expensive, which connects Italy with Switzerland. The castle has a fortress with several towers and living rooms (they are located from the side of the lake). The exact date of construction of the castle is unknown, but I have existed assumptions and guesses that the construction of Chateau de-ghoston was started back in the 9th century.  

Neuschwanstein castle first place in the top castles of the world, absolutely deservedly occupies Neuschwanstein. This castle is almost the most important attraction of Bavaria. And not in vain: this is an architectural structure, which was built in the 19th century, impresses with its size, the grandeur of architecture, beauty, harmony. And although the entrance inside the castle is closed, many tourists come to this place daily. The castle, however, looks very fabulous, not in vain it was so often shot for Disney cartoons.

The most beautiful castles and fortresses of the world were presented in this top. Surely, you should see them not only in the pictures, but also live.