Waterfall formation of waterfalls and their types

Waterfall is one of the invaluable treasures donated to mankind by nature more than twenty thousand years ago. The deafening sound of falling water adds even greater greatness to this natural phenomenon. Representing a powerful stream that breaks down from a great height, the waterfall has a fairly long history of formation.

Flowing on the surface of the earth, the river encounters various geological rocks. The energy of water carries particles of these breeds, blurring the softer soils. This is how a sharp ledge is formed, and then the water breaks down, forming what we call a waterfall. Some of them – powerful, others, newly emerged – only acquire the type of threshold. When the waterfall becomes old and begins to wash out soft deposits, leaving only a small edge of the upper cut of water, the upper layer loses stability and collapses, forming a pile of debris at the base.


For example, the Niagara waterfall as a result of erosion for 10,000 years retreated by almost 11 km. Other waterfalls destroy the upper layer much faster and, reducing the height of the fall, turn from waterfalls into thresholds.

Thanks to the rocky rivers and ledges of various levels of height, cascading waterfalls can form. This is the famous Australian Waterfall Mitchel, Lao Khon, Yosemitic Waterfall in California and many others. There are water sloping waterfalls, where water does not abruptly break down, but flows a hollow, forming a picturesque landscape. Powerful, wide, but not very high waterfalls are called cataracts.

The greatness of any waterfall attracts and does not leave indifferent. And the noise of water that breaks against the stones of water and the type of pristine surrounding nature leaves impressions for life.

The main types of waterfalls:

Cascade is a walking series of waterfalls in turn one after another.

Vodskat is a waterfall without a steep water fall.

Cataract is falling water with a wide front from small heights.

Paduna – this is the name of waterfalls in the north of Russia