How to cut the tile with an electric tile cutter

If you are professionally engaged in lining, then electric tile cutter will be an indispensable thing for you. Unlike simple tiles and nippers, electric tile cutter, thanks to the diamond disk, makes absolutely even cuts with slightly rounded edges, which reduces the time for processing cut edges. For curly cutting, you can combine a device with nippers. Electric tiles – a universal tool, it can be used for cutting almost any type of tile, just change the wheels. The only type of tile in front of which the device is powerless and its use in this case is traumatic – this is a stone tile with a carbide crumb coating. Carbid crumbs are used in the technology of the manufacture of tiles to reduce friction, but quickly makes diamond discs unusable, and therefore, to cut off such tiles, usual tiles are used.

Distinguish tiles for homework, and industrial. But, one way or another, the principle of operation of any tile cutter remains the same: for the convenience of cutting the tiles, there is a platform on the device, a diamond disk is attached to it and there is a container with water, which serves to cool the knife and eliminate dust during cutting and increases, as a result, increases Duration of the blade. Sprinking the tile using this unit is as simple and fast as an ordinary tree, the only difference is the method of serving when cutting. For sawing a tree, a saw is supplied to it, and when cutting the tiles, on the contrary, the tile itself is supplied to the knife. By pressing the tile to the platform, take into account the density of the tiles and the composition of the manufactured blade, efforts for pressing in the process of circumcision, you need to adjust with a wave -like character, that is, at the beginning and end the force of presses is light, and in the middle – stronger. A prerequisite for the process is to fix the tiles on the platform during the entire cut, this will eliminate vibrations, protect the blade from sequel and damage. In the process of working with an electric tile, as necessary, change the water in the container, this will also extend the service life of the blade and positively affects the entire cutting process.

Electric tile cutter, a very good device, but to work with it, be sure to use personal protective equipment (glasses, gloves). It is best, when working on a tile cutter, press the tile with two hands, so you will carefully and evenly make a trim. Otherwise, there is a high probability of distortion of the material during cutting, as a result, cringing the material of the blade, a possible capture and the subsequent tile discharge by the apparatus in an arbitrary direction, and this can lead to injuries.

Although the blades are capable, with a constant change of water in the bath, to withstand up to a thousand cuts, but from time to time they clog with ceramic material, several ways are used to clean them:

1 – cut on this blade a sandy shape for brick or cut a grinding stone for tiles

2 – turn the blade so that it is slightly twisted in the opposite direction (the method is relevant if there is no stamped direction of the rotation direction on the knife, otherwise, turning the disk is strictly prohibited.)

Change the disk with its strong wear. But when using an electric tile, the process of work should be given as much, attention and caution as when working on electric saws, as they have equal injury hazard.

The most frequently asked question:

What kind of tiles can be cut brick?

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