Hidden Treasure of Europe – Macedonia

Located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, the country of Macedonia is still the hidden treasure of Europe. It can be called a real natural miracle dotted with enchanting mountains, lakes and rivers. It has a kind of rhythm of life surrounded by historical ruins and idyllic villages that remain unchanged for many centuries. Macedonians are friendly and love parties with music, drinks and delicious food.

The attractions of Macedonia

A huge part of the ancient architecture of the capital Skopje was destroyed by an earthquake of 1963, but the city was rapidly restored, turned into a flourishing metropolis. Tourists can visit the historical center, where a medieval fortress and a trading pavilion in the Ottoman style stand out. The city of Ohrid is the attraction of the southwest of the country. He is surrounded by a delightful landscape on the lake, near the foot of the mountains. The most memorable spectacle is the Cathedral of St. Sophia, which contains a fantastic collection of icons and frescoes. The mountainous country of Macedonia is rich in high -mountain resorts, the most famous of which is Mavrovo, where you can ski, mountain bicycles or take part in exciting campaigns.

Residents of Macedonia are very religious people. That is why the country of Macedonia is rich in cult attractions, such as: the monastery of St. Panteleimon, the Church of the Holy Savior, mosque of Mustafa Pasha. The second largest city of Macedonia, Bitol, is located on the border with Greece and was an important center during the Ottoman occupation. Not far from it are the ruins of the ancient city of Heraclea (Heracolea).

National cuisine of Macedonia

Macedonian cuisine is like Greek and Turkish. They love barbecue and musaku, fish dishes and eggplants, potatoes and meat minced meat. The most popular traditional dishes are Gravce Tavce – fried beans and delightful Sourid trout.

Weather in Macedonia

For most Macedonia, the climate is moderate continental, and in the south closer to the Mediterranean. Located in the south of the mainland, the country of Macedonia boasts high temperatures that contribute to a comfortable rest in the summer. In the summer, the thermometer will show about 30 degrees, and in winter up to 5 degrees of frost. The snow in the mountains is constant, so Macedonia is good for winter tourism.