Tourist oasis on the Appeninsky Peninsula

Tourism and country Italy are synonyms, since it can be calculated by paradise for lovers of history, with more than 3,000 museums, churches and archaeological monuments belonging to the times of ancient Romans and Greeks. In this amazing country, hundreds of places under the protection of UNESCO are open to visiting, and its islands, such as Capri and Skrya are full of romanticism and charm. The Renaissance movement in art and culture left a precious heritage that can be admired in the cities and settlements of Italy.

The attractions of Italy

To get acquainted with the sights of Italy, one or two travels are not enough, so you need to decide on your preferences. The choice of these is huge, because the country Italy offers:

You can start with the attractions of Rome – the Coliseum, forum and Pantheon, and the Trevi fountain guarantees a new trip here if you throw a coin into it;

To see the Vatican, sovereign and independent, with his phenomenal basil of St. Peter and the “Sistine Chapel”;

explore the unique Venice, which is a masterpiece in itself;

To discover Turin, in which the Egyptian Museum and the National Museum of Cinema stand out;

The monastery of Santa Maria-Dalle-grace in Milan will make it possible to admire the “secret evening” of the great Leonardo;

to visit the romantic Verona, where to touch the secret of Romeo and Julets;

admire the beauties of Florence, its phenomenal architecture, art galleries and sculptures of the immortal Michelangelo;

try pizza in Niapol, the city that invented it;

Do not miss the buried Pompeii, charming Sienna, unique Sicily, great Vesuvius, provincial melancholy, magnificent winter resorts of Italian Alp.

National cuisine of Italy

It seems to many that everyone knows about Italian cuisine, but do not understand all regional differences, because the country of Italy is very diverse. Of course, the majority of Italians prefer pasta, but pizza do not really like pizza in the northern regions. Products that are most often found in Italian dishes are vegetables, not meat. In the south, the country is preferred by a dark green olive oil, obtained after the first processing, and in the north more refined oil, golden color. As for quality, it all depends on personal preferences.

Weather in Italy

The country of Italy located on the Appeninsky Peninsula is incredibly beautiful in spring and autumn, so it is best to choose this season. The winter season lasts from November to March, so tourists who prefer ski entertainment can give preference to them. Who wants to sunbathe on the magnificent beaches of Italy should choose June, when it is not very hot, and the water is already pleasant. The most unsuccessful month is August, because the heat does not allow to take a break, and prices are tended to significant growth.