What to do if you have a passport abroad

Today we will give a couple of tips if you have a passport during the vacation.   Vacation – everyone dreams of it! Finally the first day of your legal holiday. Today, many prefer to relax abroad. After all, this is a wonderful opportunity not only to relax from everyday routine, but also to get acquainted with new people and cultures. However, any vacation can be spoiled if you have a passport on a foreign trip . Cases of passport loss can be completely different, from banal theft, to the elementary loss of a passport from a pocket. It is simply impossible to predict all possible options. There are several basic rules what needs to be done if the passport is gone:

Step 1 Visiting Police. In case of this situation, you should contact the competent body of the country as soon as possible, in which you are in (for example, police). When you come to the police, you should write an application for the loss of the document.    It is important to know! In practice, when going to the police, you may need a translator. In the police areas of some countries you may not understand you even in English. There are times when you should resort to lies, and report the theft, not the loss of a passport.    Step 2 trip to the embassy. Having appeared at the embassy, ​​you must have a certified copy of the statement to the police, a Russian passport (if there is also no one, then you can provide any other identification document) and its certified copy and two photo cards of size 3, 5 x 4, 5 cm. If the package of the collected documents is satisfied with the officials of the embassy, ​​your identity will be confirmed and you will pay for the consular fee, you will be given a temporary certificate of return. This document is issued for 15 days. You can be in the country of arrival with this certificate, and with its help you can return home.    It is important to know! In fact, you are very lucky if the rest takes place in tourist countries (Turkey, Greece, etc. D.) or in the capital of the state. But if you are far from the embassy, ​​then getting by plane and by train will most likely not be possible. In this case, you should choose a car or bus. As a rule, the embassy works in the morning to lunch. A Russian passport can be assured directly to the embassy for a fee, or to find a Russian notary, which may be problematic. If the embassy is satisfied with your evidence of confirmation of the personality, you will have to bring 2 witnesses with you. Witnesses must confirm your personality. If it is impossible to find witnesses, then you should contact your family, tell you that you have a passport lost. They will have to send a confirming document.