What is interesting Austria for tourists?

Austria is interesting in that the population of this country was surprisingly managed to combine the cultural development of the country and preserve the natural beauty of the region.   If you want to get acquainted with the achievements of culture, you can include visiting art galleries, museums and theaters in the route. Any visit to Austria will allow you to harmoniously combine outdoor activities and educational tourism. Mountain lakes with pure water, on the shore of which ski resorts are located for lovers of outdoor activities and comfortable hotels for relaxation with the whole family will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Austria will be glad to see you in winter and summer. Here you will meet the Alpine Mountains, incredible beauty, old cities and purest lakes. At any time of the year, your trip will be a fabulous event. There are gorgeous ski resorts, magnificent balneological medical careers, and the luxury of old cities. Rest in Austria will always be at the highest level. Rest in the summer gives vacationers the opportunity to see a beautiful nature, very warm lakes, for the sake of this, tourists come here from all over the world. Austria’s business card is its thermal springs and hospitals that will improve your health and charge you with energy and strength.   Austria has always been considered the most attractive place in Europe for winter holidays. Here is just a paradise for lovers of winter sports. Alps are located on two -thirds of the territory.   Visiting Austria is worth it in order to get acquainted with the incredible beauty of architecture and attractions. Vienna alone will have a huge list of places that should be visited: the town hall in Vienna on the Ringstrass, Burgtheater, where he conducted the premieres of his operas Mozart; The ancient symbol of Vienna is the Cathedral of Stefance, located in the city center; And, of course, this is the Viennese forest, which is a natural recreation area.

National dishes of Austria

Resting in Austria, you can get acquainted with a kind of cuisine. The peculiarity of her dishes is that it is characterized by ease of cooking, satiety and excellent taste. In the province of Tyrol, you can taste Grestl in Superirolinsky (casserole with bacon, potatoes and minced meat) and kedliki prepared from potatoes with fruits. In Stiria, you will try the most beautiful dish of the Austrians – stew with seasonings. In Carinthia, you will give you dumplings with cottage cheese filling, and a variety of lake fish in baked form.

Climate in Austria

Climate in Austria is a medium -chief, moderate. The Alps on the northern slopes of winter are characteristic of the continental climate, and in the summer it is quite hot. In the south of the country, the climate is approaching the Mediterranean. The average temperature in January from 1 degree Celsius to-5, in the summer of about 15, 18 degrees, in the south there will be 25, 27 degrees Celsius.