Egypt and his cities

Egypt is located at the lower part of the Nile River. Egypt is located in northeast Africa. This country borders on a closed area, that is, with deserts.

Egypt is irrigated only by one full -flowing river – Nile, which begins in Central Africa.    Many tourists who have visited charm El Sheikh remember the unforgettable beauty of Egypt. Tourist trips to this tempting resort city are gaining popularity every year.

Egypt Egypt – Hurghada Egypt – charm El Sheikh

Also, one of the popular cities of Egypt is the city of Hurghada. This is the oldest resort city of this country. This city is the first of the cities of Egypt, opened a tourist direction. Hurghada is located along the Red Sea. The coast is stretched by forty kilometers. On the shore of this wonderful sea are dozens of hotels and hotels. Arriving in Hurghada (Egypt), tourist guides and organizers will forever leave you under a good and positive mood. Egypt – Taba Egypt – Dahab Egypt – Safag

Another town for tourists in Egypt is the city of Dahab. The translation of the city from Arabic means “gold”. As a result of this, there are many legends and stories about this legendary town Dehab. Whatever they say or invent about the city of Dahab, sand on the shores of this city is exactly golden. If you go here, be sure to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful place.    Safaga is a city in Egypt, which is famous for its hotels at the best prices. The nature of Safag will delight you with its blue sea and clean air.    The city of Taba invites you to perfectly relax and enjoy high -quality hotels and hotels. Walking around the city, you can see many old temples.    In general, rest in Egypt is not just a trip of abroad – this is still an interesting journey.