How to choose the best artificial stone countertop

Recently, acrylic countertops are becoming increasingly popular when arranging apartments. A unique material that gives an even, seamless surface with a wide color scheme is actively used by designers, creators of furniture and ordinary users.

Artificial stone is used in the process of manufacturing various products:

kitchen shells;


bar racks;

special types of mixers with spraying;

other kitchen accessories.

All of the above products fully comply with the main requirements of modern housing. They are durable, hygienic, have a presentable appearance and a beautiful texture.

Acrylic kitchen countertop: main advantages

The main advantage of artificial stone counters possesses is a wide color palette and a spectacular appearance of the surface. But there are many other reasons why acrylic is used to arrange a kitchen space:

High environmental qualities. Artificial stone is made of pure, safe substances, because it is absolutely safe for human health and life. This surface does not contribute to the propagation of mold and fungus, does not absorb extraneous smells and microbes, moisture, kitchen fat and various chemicals.

Easy to use. Almost any pollution from the acrylic surface can be easily washed off with a regular sponge with soapy solution, without leaving traces and divorces.

Simplicity of repair. Any product made of artificial stone is easily restored, unlike natural analogues. The countertop will look new, without losing a presentable appearance and quality characteristics.

Lack of connecting seams. Special production technology allows you to completely exclude seams at the joints. Such monolithing gives an impeccable, elegant look of a countertop and other products.

All these advantages are the best suited for arranging a kitchen table, a headset, a bar rack and other interior items.

Acrylic countertop – quality above all!

One of the activities of our company is the manufacture of stone products. Artificial stone countertops rightfully gained the trust of many modern consumers. Indeed, in addition to excellent qualitative characteristics, they have a number of aesthetic advantages, therefore they fit perfectly into almost any interior design. A wide color scheme allows you to choose just such a shade of a countertop that will fit into the artistic style of your home as organically as possible.