Iraq – cradle of ancient civilizations

Iraq is located in the lower part of the Tiger and Euphrates rivers, in the valley, which is considered the cradle of several ancient civilizations. Any traveler Iraq is evidence of the dominance of Mesopotamia and Babylon, Assyria and Persia, Greece and Rome.

The attractions of Iraq

Babylon, perhaps the most famous place of Iraq. He was an important center during the reign of the great navodnodor, but today his ruins are the pale remains of the most magnificent of the cities. Persians, even our era, the city of Ktesiphon (Ctesiphon) was built. Its main attraction is the magnificent arch, which survived, even the destructive flood of 1887, when most of the city was destroyed. Very pious, the country of Iraq surprises another attraction – Seljuk Turkish (Seljuk Turkish. This tomb of Zubeyida, the wife of Emperor Harun, is built in the form of a phallic symbol and surrounded by other graves, many of which are decorated with strange phallic symbols.

The main Muslim attraction, the altar Sheikh Maruf, contains the remains of an ascetic saint who died a few years after Harun. The altar was accidentally burned in 1067, but was reconstructed by the al-Kaim caliph in 1215. The gates of Khorasan (Khorasan) through which the gold road passed, which led through Persia to Samarkand.

Iraq national cuisine

Typical products of Iraq are: wheat, barley, rice and figs. Iraqis use almost the entire part of the animal, including kidneys, liver, brain, legs, eyes, ears. The meat, as a rule, is cut into stripes and prepared with onions and garlic. The Muslim country Iraq does not use pork, but loves goat and sheep meat very much, but lamb is used only on big holidays. Both adults and children are very fond of desserts, especially ma ~ mounis.

Weather in Iraq

The weather in the northern and southern Iraq is significantly different. If in the northern, in winter the temperature drops to 5-10 degrees heat, then in the southern one, below 13 degrees there is no. In addition, the country of Iraq can be covered with snowfalls, but only in the north. In the summer in the southern regions much hotter. The temperature here can reach 40 degrees. As in all countries of this region, there are serious temperature changes in Iraq, but it is known that the most pleasant weather is set in April and October, when the column is glued to a mark of 20 degrees, and both in the north and in the south.