How to create “weather in the house”? How to insulate your home?

House is the place where we try to spend as much time as possible. It is much more pleasant to be indoors with normal temperature, fresh and clean air than to freeze in winter, and in the summer to die from the heat. Installation of air conditioners helps maintain a microclimate in each room, adjust the humidity level and air speed. For the cold pore of the year, the insulation of the apartment is characteristic. How to properly save heat in the apartment?

Perhaps the main step is the insulation of the windows. If you have the opportunity to install new double -glazed windows, use it. If not, the budget option with self -adhesive heater around the window perimeter will be more relevant. That everything would go effectively, before using them, wash the frame, clean and dry. You can also use silicone sealants or a special glass film. Sltens with slopes also need insulation.

Much attention should be paid to the walls and floor. The floor covering significantly reduces heat loss. Buy a vill carpet or carpet, this economical option will help cold in winter. During the repair process, a special insulation can be strengthened on the walls, if this process is already completed, pay attention to dense wallpaper. In addition to buying heaters, protect your house from door drafts, try to put heat reflectors from batteries so that it is not waste. Buying air conditioning in Moscow is not difficult and not expensive, and one such acquisition will help you maintain a comfortable temperature in the house and not think about air purity. While in a good microclimate, you will always be in a good mood and with excellent health!