How to make, build a fence from corrugated board with your own hands

Although from the outside it seems that the fence from the corrugated board is a rather unreliable design, in fact it is not.

For the construction of the fence from the corrugated board, a simple scheme is used: we instilate the pillars, pour them with concrete solution and install several lives to which, using self -tapping screws or rivets, we attach the sheets of corrugated board. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this and there is absolutely no need to hire builders.

Of course, for a longer service life and attractiveness, it is worth installing a base.

For a fence, it is better to use corrugated board 0.9 by 2 meters. Choose a color scheme to your liking.

For the construction of a fence from corrugated board, it is recommended to use asbestos or concrete pipes as columns, for hardware profile pipes, concrete solution.

The profile pipe can be replaced with wooden bars, but they must be treated with special means and painted, then they will last much longer.

In order to attach a sheet of corporals to Zhilin, we can use self -tapping screws and screwdrivers or rivets with a drill and a stapler. If you look from the point of view of simplicity of work, then fastening with screws is easier, but rivets are more reliable.

In order to attach it to the pillar, it is drilled through it and fix it with bolts.

We will also need a grinder, wrenches, scissors for metal, shovel, a container for a batch of a transfer solution to the workplace. To mark the place we need roulette and nylon thread.

We pull the thread along the fence line and roulette make the stamps between the pillars, mark the location of the gate and gate. In places where the columns will drive pegs.

After these preparations, we dig a trench which we compact with gravel and tram. Sufficient for the foundation depth 20 -25 cm.

When using an asbestos pipe, cut it in half and get 2 columns 2 meters high. By installing the column, we fill it with stones and pour concrete immediately throughout the structure, we bay up especially carefully where the columns are located.

We start the installation of Zhilin only after the solution is getting stronger, for about the third day. You can put lives in 2 rows, but better than three. After the living wages can be attached, you can attach corrugated board, but before that let the concrete get stronger for another 3-5 days.

The fence made of corrugated board has an attractive look and few people will want to try to climb through a two -meter height.

And the old fence can be handed over to scrap metal at scrap metal reception in Moscow.