How to independently replace the wiring in the apartment

What is the replacement of the wiring in the apartment and whether such work can be carried out independently, and also where it is worth starting. This is what bothers all those who recently settled in a new apartment. It is clear that in the new apartments the entire wiring is new, however, the electric shoes are not always located as it should.

When replacing the wiring in the apartment, when redevelopment or during repair, it is necessary to replace the wiring in accordance with the new layout. Electrician services, in this case, will be very useful. In old apartments, the wiring, as a rule, is made of aluminum, in the boxes the contacts are already oxidized for a long time, and the machines on the distribution shields are simply not relevant, which is why they are always turned off even with the most minimum circuit, the ground is most often absent, which poses a threat to Health and people’s life. So in the old house it is necessary to carry out replacement for the replacement of the wiring, that is, all aluminum wires must be replaced with copper.

By the way, it is worth noting immediately that the replacement of the wiring in the apartment is a serious moment, and only a specialist can do this, who can do everything highly.

Working replacement work consist of several parts. In general, it is best to replace the wiring before finishing work, so you do not have to spoil new wallpapers or strive the bleached ceiling. It is also worth warning the neighbors that for some time you will work for electrical installers, you need to warn your neighbors that you will have electrical work, since the replacement of the wiring implies the use of a punch, grinder and power tools, which will be a lot of dust and noise.

In order not to damage the furniture, it should be pushed away from the walls to a distance of about 1.5 meters, as well as wrapped with plastic wrap for protection against dust. When all this is provided, you can call an electrician for inspection of the house. After the electrician conducts an inspection, on the basis of the data obtained, he will determine the materials, that is, it will make an estimate, for this he will measure the meter of the rod for wiring, and determine the required amount of cable, it is also worth taking into account the number of sockets to choose the type of electrical panel.

Now you can start carrying out electrical work. To install the wiring on the walls, it is necessary to mark the location of the ranges, on the walls to note where the stroke will go under the wire. After an electrician begins to organize a stroke, this work is carried out using a perforator and grinder. Next, when the stroke is ready, a cable is laid on it, and is fixed with a gypsum. To write a slab or washing machine, most often, a separate cable with a large section is organized.