How to repair an adobe house yourself?

Most people buy ancient domains, based on the fact that they are more durable, but often they really need to alterate out and strengthen. This is especially true for the walls of dilapidated buildings. Of course, you can seer them with posters and calendars that are found here, but this will not increase their service life, so you should thoroughly begin the restoration of crumbling clay. It has a number of advantages, it is completely recommended to delete the material only if the state is completely deplorable.


Clean the surface. It is necessary to remove the layer of paint, whitewash. To avoid the formation of dust, although it is inevitable, moisten the roller in warm water (it is better to adheres) and follow the wall. Clean the remains with a spatula. Pakhsa remained. Not to rub it diligently so as not to damage the main part.


Align the plane with clay solution. Prepare it as follows: gumba and sand alone to four. The first for a day is soaked in a separate container. If there are in -depth damage, add grasping sawdust or straw. The cure should be thick, but smoothly distributed along the partition. Before applying, we moisten abundantly so that it is easier to reinforce. The mixture “pile” with your hand. Do not rub, but gently distribute with a soft spatula or level, depending on the area. Leave until completely dry. If cracks form after it, we repeat the procedure. In no case do not use other compounds!


We treat a dry wall with a primer with antifungal components and deep action. We apply 2-3 layers, waiting for the previous one to absorb. If everything is done correctly, the appearance does not smear and does not pour out.

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We cover all the plaster fluid on the gypsum. When leveling is required, we install the beacons. Rule or Slp – our tools. With putty, we finally equalize the overlap, put the work for one day.


As an abrasive network or sandpaper, protect the surface. Now you can turn to painting or pasting with wallpaper.

This method is also applicable to the ceiling, but you need to reinforce using a painting grid. The easiest way to not glue the old bolt with advertising posters Copy SPB. Labor is long and painstaking, but costs.

How to repair an adobe house yourself?

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