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This amazingly romantic place has long been a symbol of Crimea. The building with an elegant contour of the tower and spires, which was perched on the very edge of the high cliff, is visible from afar, it stands out effectively against the background of the sea and the sky that merges on the horizon. This place itself on the southern coast of Crimea is very picturesque and has an interesting story. Once, many centuries ago, Taurus tribes came here, later Greek colonists settled. Following them on the rocky Cape Ai-Todor, Roman legionnaires built a fortress and called it character. On the eastern ledge of the cliff, which is called Limen-Burun, there is a platform of the captain’s bridge. From here you can admire the amazing view of the sea.

Now, walking ships with tourists who are in a hurry to inspect the central part of the cape are rushed to the shore. Here, in a picturesque place several centuries ago, the Orthodox monastery of St. Theodore Tiron was built. Today, archaeologists continue to show interest in this place, they are looking for signs of events of past centuries. On Aurorina Scale, this wonderful building is located, as if hanging on the steepness above the sea waves – Lastochkino Nest. It can be seen from afar, as well as the lighthouse built next to it, which serves as a guide to sailors floating along the coast.

Lastochkino nest height of the cliff at which the castle perched is forty meters. At the end of the nineteenth century, there was a wooden house at this place, built by the will of one Russian general. Even then, this romantic corner attracted the attention of artists and two people who appreciate the beauty. It is captured on the canvases of Aivazovsky, Lagorio and other Marinist masters. After the general, the owners of this estate were the doctor known at that time and. TO. Tolbin, Moscow merchant Rakhmanin. She began to build a stone building. But the castle of the sea, known over the sea, acquired at the beginning of the twentieth century, when in 1912 his project ordered the architect Sherwood Baron Steingel, a well -known oil industry.

Only a small platform could be taken under the building on the Aurorina Scallion, so the foundation was laid in size 20 by 10 meters. In this tiny space and a stone castle ascended over the sea. Its multi -storey structure 12 meters high is designed in the Gothic style. In the front room, guests are met by a fireplace, in the interior decoration we used a rich inlay, wood carving. Medieval coats of arms, images of dragons on the ceiling … A fairy -tale world captured by masters. Thousands and thousands of people visited this unique place. And not only as tourists.

Lastochkino is nesting when the first world war was raging in Europe, one enterprising merchant opened a restaurant in the building, but this did not last long. Then this place was used as a reading room. However, in 1927, the building suffered from an earthquake, it was recognized as emergency. The second blow of the element, it withstood during the fascist invasion. Over the years, the Palace with the turrets almost fell into decay, but in the sixties it was decided to restore a unique structure. It was necessary to solve a difficult problem – to strengthen the foundation on which the castle stood, since part of the rock collapsed and there was a real danger that the castle could collapse into sea.

In 1970-71, this problem was successfully solved. A concrete base was brought under the building, strengthened the rock, the danger of the destruction of the historical monument passed. During these years, there was a peak of interest in this place of tourists, who consider their duty to be sure to visit Lastochkin’s nest. Now the restaurant is again open in this building. Thousands and thousands of guests annually visit this fabulously attractive place to admire his enchanting views from a height of forty meters above the sea.