How to create an original light design in the apartment

Is it possible to change the apartment without acquiring new furniture and without special investments? Of course. Just change lighting. Because, today, modern technologies offer great opportunities.

To completely change the room using lighting, it is necessary to move away from the long -obsolete, the principles of lighting, where the chandelier is located in the center of the room, and directly near the sofa – floor lamps. Today, a modern apartment should be with various types of lighting – bright, and slightly muffled, straight and partially reflected, scattered and even directed. Buying apartments in the suburbs of the secondary, usually the first thing they look at what lighting is installed.

Chandeliers in the form of a ball are very popular. Which are opaque, therefore, do not pass, blinding, light, but create more even, and slightly muffled, lighting. Such lamps are good to use in various rooms, and they also look good in suspended or suspended ceilings.

Also an interesting solution is point ceiling lamps and a stretch glossy ceiling. Because, the light reflected from the lamps in the ceiling, looks quite original and gently dissipates throughout the room.

However, a more original option is conductive structures. Having a different shape, and the lamps on them are located so that they can easily be changed places on the bus, and even change the direction of the light flow. The originality of the room will also give decorative lighting. A sculpture, or children’s drawings, or a floor vase can be distinguished by light can be distinguished.