Solomon Islands – a paradise country for divers, gourmets and lovers of exotic

The Solomon Islands are scattered across the Pacific Ocean, not far from Papua New Guinea. You can find sharks and sinking ships, gold and malaria on them. A huge number of nationalities live here: dark blue papuans, tanned Malaysians and fair-skinned Polynesians. The country of the Solomon island is amazing for the variety of cultures and customs, many of which are more than 1000 years old.

Sights of Solomon Islands

The islands of the archipelago are attractions that the country of the Solomon Island will please. The main ones are: Choiseul, Guadalcanal (Guadalcanal), Malaita (Malaita), New Georgia, San Cristobal and Santa Isabel. Of great interest is the wild nature of the islands. Most of them are inhabited by various reptiles, turtles and marsupials. The main objects of the capital, Honiars, are: ethnic museum, Botanical Garden and Chinese district.

On the island of Malay, you can get acquainted with local life in the open villages of Alite (Alite) and Laulasi (Laulasi). Here you can buy unique necklaces made of shells. The country of the Solomon island is known with magnificent diving places. The most popular places are: Gizo Island (Gizo), Laguna Roviana, Yepi Island (Uepi), Marovo Laguna (Marovo). In these waters of the Pacific Ocean, during the Second World War, fierce sea battles took place. The island of New Georgia, divers can explore this cemetery of sunken ships.

National cuisine of Solomon Islands

Located far from the beaten routes, the country of the Solomon Island, unexpectedly, has several magnificent restaurants in which you can enjoy the Asian, European and local cuisine. The most popular national dish is Tapioka – a type of pudding that is served in the company with Tarot roots. On the islands do not leave tips and visitors to restaurants are asked to observe this custom.

Weather on Solomon Islands

The temperature, throughout the year, is practically unchanged: 25-30 degrees. Winter (April-September) is dry here, characterized. Summer (December-March), remembered by high humidity (up to 90 percent). Typhoons and hurricanes are more likely in the summer season, but their larger number passes much to east and south of the Solomon Islands.