How to remove traces of leaks on the ceiling

Almost every family living in an apartment building experienced difficulties with neighbors from above, who from time to time “drown” some room, especially the bathroom and the kitchen. The consequences are very unpleasant: yellow stains from the leaks remain for many years, without decorating your ceiling at all. However, this problem can be dealt with. You should tune in to cosmetic repair of the entire area of ​​the ceiling, t. To. Local adjustments will only spoil the surface. 1. First of all, it is necessary to clean the old plaster. We moisturize a layer of old whitewash with a roller and leave it for several hours so that it is well saturated. Then, by means of a metal brush, scrap the lime layer, and wash off small particles. 2. When the ceiling dries, we treat with a primer solution. This will prepare the surface for the decoration – for example, acrylic paint. Cracks in front of the primer need to be filled with putty and aligned with the main surface. 3. After the primer dries, polish the ceiling with a “skin”. 4. Next, apply the second layer of primer, mask the traces of the stains from the leakage with matte paint and leave the ceiling to dry. 5. Final bar. It makes sense to use acrylic paint instead of lime plaster. Apply the first (draft) layer with a wide brush, the second – a roller. Remember that before a cosmetic repair, you must definitely cover all the furniture, floors and plumbing with plastic wrap. Such protection will eliminate the fall of the primer and paint drops, as well as plaster dust, from which it will later be very difficult to get rid of. In the houses of modern development, waterproofing of the floor was initially implemented, but in the old houses nothing of the kind is provided for. If you want to exclude unpleasant conversations with your neighbors, insulate the floor at least in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Will have to contact a specialized company, t. To. It is extremely difficult to carry out the relevant procedures on your own. If your floor is upper, and the roof is leaking, contact the housing office, having described in detail the problem, preferably attaching photos of the leakage places. Public utilities will surely meet you, but just in case, get ready to spend a lot of time and nerves. Remember: it is better to solve the problem once and for all than to suffer inconvenience from its exacerbation every time.