Guatemala country

Guatemala is a state that is located in North, Central America. Guatemala is the capital of Guatemala’s country, and this city is considered the largest in Central America.


Guatemala Country is almost the center of the Mayan tribe civilization, in this country you can look at volcanoes and visit amazingly beautiful forests.

In the ancient city of Aguat, you can admire the palace and ceremonial complex and central area perfectly preserved to our time.

El-Mirador is one of the oldest cities of the Mayan people. But for today, two pyramids have been saved in the city.

The oldest city Tikal stores many riddles that archaeologists reveal. There are six central pyramids in Tikal, around which there are temples, fields. The city of Tikal is considered a worldwide heritage and entered in UNESCO.

The city of Samabakh was found under water. Seven houses, various products and ceremonial buildings have been preserved in the city.

It is also worth visiting the amazing city of Yashha, the city is large enough and on its terrain there is the palace of the ruler, twin pyramids, northern acropolis, and shadows area.

Residents of the city of Dos Pilase well owned artistic skills, so there are many places decorated with Mayan ornament in the city. The main attraction of the city is a pyramid that has a height of forty meters.

145 kilometers from the center of Guatemala is an amazingly beautiful lake called Atitlan.

National cuisine

The main products of the national cuisine of Guatemala are fried bird, meat, rice, beans and mais. The main ingredients of rural cuisine are black beans and corn. They are boiled, fried, stewed, and also cooked corn cakes and porridge. Traditional Guatemala dishes include chicken and vegetable soup, poultry with vegetables and spices, fish balls, puree made of vegetables, as well as corn, wheat cakes with various fillings.

Rice pies, chips, buns, ice cream, etc. are usually served to dessert. D. Very often, up to about twenty cups per day, they drink coffee here, prefer a certain. They drink less tea, also drink fruit juice. From alcoholic drinks, beer, rum and wine are consumed.


Winter in Guatemala is rainy and not very cold, it lasts from May to October. Moderate weather prevails in winter. The hottest period in the country is the period from March to April, the temperature during this period is thirty to thirty-five degrees, in the evening about twenty to twenty-five degrees. In the spring, the weather in Guatemala is changeable in nature, in May the dry season begins, which lasts until November-December the month. Summer here is hot and arid, last from November to April. In June, the temperature is more plus forty degrees, at night, plus twenty-three-twenty-five degrees. July is the most stable. In August, a large amount of precipitation falls about 1000-1300 mm. Good weather in Guatemala falls on September and October, the weather in this period is not hot and without rainfall. November is a month that is most favorable for traveling to Guatemala, as this is a dry season and last until May.