Why is it worth visiting Great Britain

Great Britain is one of the most interesting and exciting states. Interesting even that it includes several countries: Scotland, Wales and England. Each of this country is wonderful and has its own traditions. The most popular is England. It contains a large number of castles that tourists like to roam. The most popular castles are Windsor Castle. He amazes everyone with his scope and architecture. In London, tourists most often visit the world-famous watch-Big Ben, Tower, Buckingham Palace.

In the UK you can visit one of the most unusual places in the planet – this is a mysterious Stonejeg (standing stones).

In Scotland, you will get acquainted with the wonderful nature that will attract you to return here back. Here nature is combined with the traditions of the country and its magnificent architecture. In the capital of the country, Edinburgh, the famous Edinburgh Castle is located. The main street of this city is recognized as the most beautiful street in the world.

British national cuisine

Great Britain cuisine is famous for its meat and beer. In pubs, you can taste multiple beer varieties, try a lobe of a lamb or a fried bird. Potato puree with fried sausages is also popular. In general, British cuisine is very similar to European cuisine. Also here you can buy fast food, pies, chebureks and shawarma on every corner. British are very fond of blood sausage, veal giblets. You will be delighted with British cuisine. In addition to beer, you will be offered to try apple cider, it is a little stronger than beer. Scots are very fond of oatmeal. They have very popular oat cakes, oatmeal pies, sand cookies and puddings with jam.

Climate of Great Britain

In the UK, the climate is moderate. Warm winter is observed here and not a hot summer. Very rarely the temperature reaches +30 C and drops below -10 C. Basically, the temperature is held here in the area of ​​+10 – +20 s. The weather in the UK is very variable and rainy. Sun and rain can replace each other in a very short time. During the year, the amount of precipitation falls approximately the same. A slight increase in precipitation occurs in autumn-winter time. In the west of the country, the number of precipitation in places reaches 3000 mm per year. The smallest amount of precipitation here falls on the March June. In the UK, fogs are very frequent, and cloud days here are many times more than sunny (they prevail in the summer). Therefore, the best time to visit the country is summer.