Wooden window restoration tips

Wooden windows can be restored and give them a new life. The meaning of restoration is when the windows of a non -standard design, otherwise the restoration may not recoup itself. To start restoration, you need to remove the old paint, primer or varnish. But when the window of the window unit rides, then you need to remove the frame out of the double -glazed window, otherwise you will not get a full restoration, but only cosmetic repairs.

To remove window enamel, you can use a special washing solution, construction electrofen or manual cleaning using sandpaper. After removing the old painting, you need to sparkle the window frame well. This is done with the help of oil-cell or latex putty.

After the window frame dries, you can proceed to a thorough polishing. After polishing, we proceed to the application of a new coating. Depending on your selection of coating, you will need toite the surface of the frame. At this stage, tinting compounds can be used to give the surface of the color shade. The finish coating can easily serve as varnish. Need to be painted with a brush or a foam roller.