How to choose the right bath (acrylic, cast iron). Which bath to choose

Without a doubt, the bath is still the central object of the bathroom, even despite the increased interest of customers in showers. Probably, you should not list all the advantages of the bath, but focus on the question more – which bath to choose.

Despite the abundance of proposals, the popularity of the traditional cast -iron bath is still at a high level. And this is not surprising. Made of unique material, these products can serve forever. As practice shows, the term of such a bath is largely determined by the quality of the enameled coating. The bath itself is quite strong, despite the fragility of cast iron. In addition, cast iron “holds” heat well, and the water in such a bath remains hot longer.

The only possible drawback is its weight. Despite the possibility (with current technologies), make products from thinner material, their weight remains quite impressive. But they are more stable. This should be remembered before choosing a cast -iron bath.

The cheapest version of the products is a steel bath. In many respects (except weight), these products are almost identical to cast -iron baths. The enamel coating practically “hides” visual differences, and immediately determine – a cast -iron or steel bath – is almost impossible. They are much stronger than acrylic products now, while manufacturers also offer a wide range of products of various shapes.

The right place of steel baths is the enamel coating, which eventually loses its original whiteness. In addition, in order to choose the right bath of steel, you should pay attention to the thickness of the metal. Agree, you feel very uncomfortable in the bathroom bending under your weight. And such periodic deformation of the case negatively affects the state of the enamel coating.

Recently, acrylic baths are especially popular. In fact, acrylic is one of the constructive varieties of plastic, therefore, to strengthen the bath housing, it is reinforced with a special mesh. The quality of the bath is determined, first of all, by the number of layers of acrylic and reinforcing grid. It is on this criterion that you should focus before choosing an acrylic bath.

The physical and technical properties of acrylic allow you to make products of the most diverse shape and colors. Since the color of the bath is determined by the color of the source material – acrylic – there are no prerequisites for bleaching products after a certain time. In addition, acrylic even preserves heat better than cast iron. True, the surface of an acrylic bath is less resistant to mechanical damage than enamel.

But small scratches can be easily sanded with fine sandpaper. It should also be noted that manufacturers currently offer baths from completely new materials, in particular, in the plumbing market they have already appeared from Kvaril. This material is a mixture of acrylic and quartz sand. Accordingly, the material has become more durable, and the baths themselves are made by casting method.

In a slightly separate in the modeling line of baths, there are hydromassage baths, which are a rather complicated technical structure. Among other criteria for choosing this equipment, you should navigate sufficient pressure of tap water, since hydromassage equipment reacts quite sensitively to pressure drops and can work inefficiently. Among the other criteria that should be paid attention to before choosing a bath, you can note its overall dimensions, shape and color scheme. True, if the bath is a key detail of the interior, then it will be for it that it will be necessary to select the rest of the surrounding objects.