In Cherepovets for several days, or forever.

We are used to spending our vacation away from home. On sunny beaches of Turkey, Egypt or other countries. But we completely forgot that we live in Russia. In a country with a centuries -old history, with the most beautiful places that European residents cannot even imagine. One of these places is the city of Cherepovets – it is the largest city in the Vologda region, having a rich history. It originates since 1777. Located on the shores of three rivers Shaksna, Yagorba and Sulfur. Through these rivers, there is a connection with the Baltic, Northern, Black, Azov and Mediterranean Seas. And without exaggeration it can be called the port of the five seas. The climate is quite soft. Not too cold winters and not too exhausting summer heat.

Of course, having arrived in the city, you need to stop somewhere. It can be a hotel, or an apartment. For convenience and saving money, you can rent an apartment in Cherepovets for a day. The advantage of renting an apartment is obvious, t. To. there is no need to depend on the schedule of the hotel, you feel at home. You can relax calmly, put yourself and your clothes in order. Approximate price for one -room apartment from 1000 rubles. For two -room room from 1300 rubles per day. Fully furnished. The so -called All Inclusive.

For those who plan to live here for a long time, for workers, or students, young families, you can rent an apartment in Cherepovets for a long time. Of course, through a trusted agency, to avoid any troubles. The cost of one month varies from 6,000 – 8000 rubles. The cost depends on the condition of the apartment, the number of rooms, the availability of furniture, the area, the duration of the lease. It all depends on your desire and opportunity. In any case, it will cost you less than the same in European cities.

Guests of the city can visit a large number of cultural and historical places: chapels, temples, monasteries. One of them is the current Cherepovets Voskresensky Monastery, from which the city of Cherepovets begins and began. A large number of beautiful parks and squares. Cherepovets – a city of high culture. Many theaters, museums, cultural palaces, exhibition halls are open to residents and guests of the city. After walking around the city, lunch, or dinner in the restaurant will give great pleasure.

But the youth is not deprived. You can visit cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs. Doors of entertainment centers for the whole family are open. And many, many other.

Not every European city can boast of this.