How to choose the right freezer chamber?


With the help of a freezer, you can make a real miracle, for example, treat guests for the New Year with fresh strawberries or grapes, lettuce or cabbage leaves. Modern freezers are arranged so that they are able to keep food fresh for a long time. They remain not only fresh, but also retain all their beneficial properties, vitamins and minerals. This is very important, because in winter there is always a lack of vitamins and useful minerals in the human body, which are needed for full development. That is why many people decide to buy freezers that allow you to store products fresh and useful even in winter. And in order for you to be satisfied with the choice, you need to learn more information about modern freezers, their features, capabilities and functionality.

The cost, performance, functionality and assortment that manufacturers offer from Russia and other countries are able to satisfy each client. Knowing the main selection criteria, you can buy a model of a freezer, which will coincide with your capabilities and needs as much as possible.

Types of freezers

Depending on the design, freezers are divided into two types: built -in and separately standing. The latter are divided into two more subspecies: freezers of vertical and horizontal type. Vertical models are equipped with freezers, which are designed to store different types of products, such as seafood, vegetables, fruits, meat. When choosing a freezer, first of all, pay attention to its volume, on which the cost of freezer equipment will depend, as well as the number of products that you can store in it. Small -sized cameras have a height of not more than 850 mm, and large -sized – 1800 mm.

Vertical freezers

As a rule, horizontal freezers have large sizes than vertical models. They are most often used to store a large volume of products. Often they are bought by owners of stores, warehouses and outlets in the markets.

When choosing a freezer, find out whether it has a function of super -deficiency that will allow you to preserve vitamins and nutrients in products in the maximum concentration. The type of defrosting is also of great importance. It is automatic and manual. Automatic type of defrosting is much more comfortable in operation. Here, in principle, is all that you should pay attention to when choosing a freezer.