Helsinki – the capital of Finland

Helsinki is a modern European tourism center, an exemplary city for a comfortable life that cannot be described in a short overview article. The 450-year history of the Finnish capital stores traces of the cross influence of the East and West, which reflected in the colorful layers of architectural styles and in a kind of nutritional culture.

Helsinki is increasingly attracting lovers of city vacation, capable of offering such a large number of programs, regardless of independence, whether you travel as part of a group or alone.

Helsinki Capital Finland, the capital of Finland is famous for ancient buildings, museums, parks and entertainment complexes. To all this, add a visit to exhibition centers and sports facilities and marine excursions, and you can have no doubt in the place of your future vacation. A deep acquaintance with Helsinki will create a feeling of unforgettable color, which imperiously forces tourists from many countries to return here again and again.

At the entrance to the southern port of Helsinki, guests are met by the largest sea fortress of Suomenlinna, which became the museum after having lost its strategic purpose – to protect the city from attacks by Russian troops. Acquaintance with powerful bastions and forts built three hundred years ago attracts thousands of history lovers. Here in winter you can become an eyewitness to the Christmas concert, and in the summer – racing on sailboats.

The best attractions, according to the Finns themselves, are located in the Linnanmaki park. It is unlikely that this is an ordinary advertising move to attract tourists. You can refute or confirm this judgment only by visiting this park in the heart of Helsinki. Without a doubt, the sizes and capabilities of the attractions are amazing: the “rocket” will deliver you to a 60-meter height in 2, 5 seconds. Nearby lovers to shout from fear and delight await fantastic American slides, a room of fear with diverse giving and monsters, and, finally, a “dead loop”, where it is better not to go if you have lunch tightly.

Thirst for plunging right into the sea abyss, and even in the very center of Helsinki? Then they are waiting for you at Sea Life. The Marine Center is located near the Linnanmyaki park, which means that it is quite logical to go after the attractions at Sea Life. In this gigantic aquarium with the fiveth aquarium, you will find a variety of representatives of the sea fauna: coral fish, jellyfish, whole jambs of herring and sharks floating in a special basin. An unforgettable sight: on your head, not in a hurry, the sharks swim importantly. Transparent glass walls create the illusion of immersion to the bottom of the sea.

The Korkeasaari Zoo on the island of the same name presents an extensive collection of more than a hundred species of animals and over a thousand plants-a kind of mini-model of flora and fauna of the entire planet. An exciting promenade in the zoo is the conquest of the mountains, and the journey through the picturesque lowlands, and the study of dangerous jungle and tundra. Thematic sections, for example, the cat family, Arctic animals, steppe Asian animals, mammals and birds of tropics, Australia, North America, South Asia – greatly facilitate a deeply informative walk along Korkeasaari.

Having reached the Popular-Popular Center of Eureka, located in the suburbs of the Finnish capital, you will find yourself in a unique scientific and entertainment complex, which annually visits more than one hundred thousand tourists. Here you will plunge into the scientific world, represented by several hundred exhibits from the field of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, biology, etc. D. All expositions are interactive: you yourself can put chemical experience, participate in the manufacture of paper, solve a complex mathematical puzzle. Eureka provides a wonderful service: in a scientific and cognitive camp for adolescents, parents can leave their children for several days, who will go on excursions, watch scientific films, get acquainted with the history of society and science.