Miracle of Light – Niagara waterfall

Niagara waterfall is called a miracle from the wonders of the world created by nature. And not in vain! This beauty is located in the picturesque place of the southern and eastern part of Canada, directly in Ontario, he really delights with his greatness and power. After all, a person who is on the observation deck cannot hear anything except a strong noise resembling a hum of a huge turbine.

Niagara Falls

Niagara waterfall seems to feel great between 2 countries: Canada and the USA. 5 large fresh lakes of the world flash here: Ontario, Michigan, Eri, Guron and Upper. The famous waterfall right near the ledge is divided by the goat island (Goat) into the left and right flows: Canadian and American.

On the American side there is a well -groomed and wonderful park – Niagara Falls State Park, around which the waters of the “American” waterfall are poured out. Before them – a stone’s throw, drops fall a few steps from visitors.

It is believed that from Canada, the view of the waterfall is much better: the panorama is “deployed” here, while the Americans and their guests see this attraction on the side.

However, there is a bridge called rainbow. Connecting border countries, he makes it possible to see the Niagara waterfall from both angles.