How to choose the right orthopedic pillow for sleeping. Which pillow to choose

It is estimated that all people are sleeping almost a third of their lives. In addition, it has long been established that a person, devoid of full sleep, quickly begins to feel bad and loses his performance. And in the end, constant bad sleep can even lead to a serious health disorder.

To ensure a calm sleep, you need to have a comfortable bed, and most importantly, you need to choose the right pillow. Otherwise, it is unlikely that it is possible to rest normally, and the morning awakening can be accompanied by a headache, unpleasant sensations in the neck and back, and even a state of complete breakdown.

What is necessary first of all to pay attention to choose a pillow for sleep, which will provide the most full sleep? Firstly, you need to decide on the height of the pillow that is most suitable for you. It should be such as to allow the cervical spine to completely relax. Secondly, you need to choose the necessary rigidity and suitable filler.

How to choose a pillow in height depends primarily on the characteristics of the physique, mainly on the width of the shoulders and the length of the neck. Wide -saved people and owners of a long neck are suitable for higher pillows. But people who cannot boast of a slanting fathom in the shoulders, it is better to sleep on pillows lower.

Now it remains to deal with fillers, fortunately, now you can purchase not only feathers or down pillows, as a few decades ago. So which pillow to choose? With natural or synthetic filler? Maybe vegetable? Let’s try to figure it out.

It should be noted that even now the down pillows have not lost their relevance. After all, they are not only very soft and cozy, but also breathable, and also maintain heat well. The pillows filled with sheep’s wool are no less comfortable, in addition, they are quite durable, and do not lose their properties for at least a decade.

Alas, with all their advantages, pillows with natural fillers have their disadvantages. They require constant cleaning, since dust mites love to settle in them very much, the presence of which can cause the strongest allergic reactions in people prone to them. Therefore, the allergicians are much better suitable for pillows with synthetic fillers, however, only high -quality products should be purchased, which are no less soft than natural ones and retain their shape well.

Pillows with plant fillers (buckwheat husk, various herbs, rice shell) have a number of obvious advantages. These pillows are very convenient, as they easily take the shape of the head, pleasantly massage the skin and do not cause allergies. Alas, their service life is notable, in a couple of years they are subject to replacement, in addition, you still need to get used to the filler rustle. But the pillow filled with natural latex can last about two decades, without losing its shape and softness.

Those who have serious problems with the spine, it is best to choose an orthopedic pillow that supports the head and neck during sleep in the correct position, in which the necessary supply of oxygen is ensured. But it is also useful for people who do not have obvious health problems to sleep for sleeping an orthopedic pillow, the lead will help to relax in the best way, and therefore sleep well.