How to properly perform foam blocks

If we talk about plaster, then it is not only the most affordable method of finishing, but with its help it will be possible to protect the building from shrinkage. If you do the wrong thing of the plastering work of foam blocks, this will ruin not only their appearance, but also the likelihood that the walls will freeze, which will lead to a decrease in temperature in the house.

The house that is built of foam blocks will require you to carry out plastering not only from the outside of the house, but also from the inside. Recently, interior designers St. Petersburg are very popular with a low price.

In addition, you must apply a layer of plaster in such a way that moisture does not accumulate between the layers. In other words, your walls should be able to freely “breathe”. Those who cannot create such conditions are threatened with exfoliation of plaster, which will entail financial and physical difficulties.

When applying plaster on foam blocks, it should be remembered that the layer of the solution you apply should not be too thick. The optimal thickness should be from 5 to 10 millimeters. As for the inner layer, it is outlined to reach 20 millimeters. Before you apply a layer of plaster on foam blocks, you will have to pre -treat them with a primer.