How to measure the opening of a plastic window yourself

If it was decided to do this yourself, then first you need to find out the type of house, from which the external finish and walls are made.

To obtain a more accurate size of a new design, it is necessary to measure the opening for a plastic window outside. To do this, open the window sash. It is better to take a roulette from the upper part to the tide, it will be better to take 2-3 results (in the corners and in the middle). Add about 2 cm. Provided that there is a quarter. It will be the height of the window.

To measure the width of the structure, it is necessary to remove the size from one slope to another. It is preferably 2-3 measurements.

The described actions are carefully carried out, since when the measurement error, the new window can turn out to be small or too large.

It is advisable to double -check the results.

It must be remembered that independent removal of sizes is a very difficult process, so it is recommended to give this work to professionals. Typically, qualified window manufacturing companies provide this service for free.

They will take into account all the little things. Even if experts incorrectly measure the opening, then the manufacture of a new design will occur at their expense. If you make an error in the size of the size, you will have to pay your own money on your own.

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