How to choose a plaster

A large number of building materials in the construction market cannot but rejoice the eye, although now it has become to some extent it is difficult to choose the most optimal material. Just eyes scatter. The same plaster is a very large number of varieties. At the moment, using plaster is popular as the main facing material.

Simple plaster

This type of plaster has no large choice in color. But some differences are still available. The material created on the basis of gypsum or lime has white color, plaster made of clay or cement – brown color. And if there is a cement with sand in the working mixture – gray. Although during the choice of this option, it is not the aesthetics of the coating, but its length of service life and practicality. When choosing such a plaster, you should also take into account the types of foundations on which the material will be applied to stone, reinforced concrete, wood or blocks made of expanded clay concrete.

Decorative type of plaster

In their composition, such plasters are largely similar to simple options, but the use of various additives in them is provided by a fairly large range of excellent materials. They differ in their texture, which has a fairly wide color harmony.

The varieties of embossed, structural, as well as mosaic plaster are quite popular at the moment.

Material such as relief plaster can give the surface a relief, rather unusual look. Its basis is the basic plaster with the addition of a wide variety of granules in it, such as simple pebbles, wooden fibers and many other.

A special place in a number of decorative options for plasters is designed by the so -called Venetian plaster. Their production uses a lime base with the addition of marble, granite, malachite dust.

When choosing this or that plaster, you should first focus on the surface base option and on the effect that you need to purchase using such a coating. It is also worth noting that only high -quality materials should be purchased.