how to create a healthy interior of a children’s room?

Children grow rapidly, and at some point, parents understand that it is time for the baby to live in his own room. But not everyone understands how to equip it, so that the child in it was comfortable and comfortable so that he could develop and rest in it.

A bunch of questions appears. And what color to choose for walls? It is better to stick or paint wallpapers? And the floor is better to make it “warm” or just put the carpet? The more details, the more difficult it is for us, adults, to organize the life of our children. What to pay attention to so as not to harm the child? Let’s figure it out.

In fact, it is best to start with your own mood. Still, its own room for a child is a whole world! Feel like the creators of a new magical space. This is not a boring process of repair, this is the highest event! Tuned in? Now to business.

We determine the zones. Divide the space of the room into several zones: where to relax, where to study and where to play. It is better to put the table by the window, and organize the game zone in the center of the room – where there is more space.

Choose materials. It can be both paint and wallpaper – the main thing of natural materials that do not cause allergies. The bed and the table should also be made of natural wood – without chemicals, adhesives and varnishes. In general, children’s furniture can be bought in a store or made to order, can perform not only its main functions. So, for example, a rack with books and toys, can also become a “orphanage” or a hut. You are limited only by imagination!

We determine the colors. Do not be afraid to play with paints and shades, fantasize, create interesting tones that the child will like. It is important that in the recreation area, color contributes to the relaxation of the child. For this, delicate and pastel shades of warm colors are suitable. Someone chooses a calm tone for the walls and, so that the interior is not boring, makes bright accents in the gaming area using textiles. Someone uses for this purpose furniture for a children’s room.

Do not forget about the “climate”. You can do everything very beautifully, but if the atmosphere in the room is not thought out, then all efforts will be in vain. It is important that the “does not barn” from the window does not show. Do not rush to another extreme-to provide a 30-degree heat in the room. Both are equally harmful to the health of the child. If in winter your apartment is heated to a conscience, or you made a warm floor in the room, then take care of additional air moisture. And it will become easier for the child to breathe, and he will be less sick.

These are the basic rules for creating the interior of the children’s room. And remember, the child will not appreciate the high cost of finishing and furniture. But it will be sincerely grateful for your care and love that he needs to feel, even if you are in different rooms!