Historical attractions of the country of Belarus

People began to settle on the territory of Belarus only in the era of mesolithic. There are a lot of monuments of the history of culture and peoples from different countries here. Here you can also enjoy the unique nature in which there are many relict forests, a diverse animal world and a huge number of diverse marshy areas.

Arriving in Belarus, you can visit many historical attractions. One of them is the Bretian fortress. It began to be built in 1833. And in 1945, fire was lit in this fortress.   You can also visit the worldly castle. This castle has been destroyed many times by the Swedes, French, Poles, Russians. To date, this castle is built of red bricks, and white inserts are installed in it. There are several towers on the castle.

The Mirsky Castle Breta fortress is one of the historical attractions of Belarus is a memorial complex called Hatin. It was created on March 22, 1943, when tragic events occurred when the Nazis burned the whole village. A memorial complex, the area of ​​which is 50 hectares and a sculpture of a rebellious person with a child in his arms is installed in the middle of this area. Roads are laid out of gray slabs, and a variety of sculptures and small monuments are installed next to the road, all the inhabitants of this village are recorded on these monuments. Also, a bell is installed on each monument, which is calling every thirty seconds. Not far from the memorial complex is a cemetery, 185 permits were installed there. On each of the processes, a village was written, which was destroyed in the Great Patriotic War.

Hatin Independence Square of Belarus Minsk, and you can visit Independence Square, which is the main square of the city of Minsk. There is a huge number of people on weekends. You can admire green streets, sculptures, many benches are also installed. A monument to Lenin was erected near the Government House. And in honor of him, this street was called that street – Lenin Street. Here you can also see some important buildings, for example, such as: Government House, Minsk Hotel, there are two universities not far from them: Belarusian State University and Pedagogical University.