Malaysia – exotic at the junction of the East and West

Possessing a convenient strategic location between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, the country of Malaysia for centuries was the place of meeting of merchants and travelers of the West and East. Its history is a constant interaction and opposition to strong external influences.

The attractions of Malaysia

Named by the country of festivals, the country Malaysia invites its guests to take part in these colorful and vivid events. Puja Umur festival, held in honor of the birthday of the Sultan, lasts a whole week. It begins with a parade to a cat-bar and ends with festivities throughout the country. The festival of boat-drams is very popular, which is held annually in the penaning. Here in the Penanaga there is a snake temple, which has become a fascinating attraction thanks to an unusual attraction in which these crawling killers participate.

Lovers of a relaxed rest can visit the islands of the Perheentian Besar and Perchentian Kecil, who boast of charming white sand, crystal clean waters and many secluded corners. Mysterious and exciting caves, which the country of Malaysia has in abundance. Many temples found their refuge in these natural shelters. For example, in the magic caves of Batu (Batu), Sam Poh Tong, Parak Tong or Kek Lock Tong (Kek Lok Tong). There are many in Malaysia and national parks, and the most unique are Templar with lagons and waterfalls, Taman Negara with the oldest tropical forest and Gunung Mulu with the largest cave system in the world.

National cuisine of Malaysia

At least once a day, the Malaysians eat rice. With fish, with meat, with vegetables. The most popular dish is NASI LEMAK – rice prepared in coconut milk, served hot to shrimp, fish, eggs, vegetables. Submitting to Muslim laws, the country of Malaysia does not recognize Pork and alcohol.

Weather in Malaysia

The heat in Malaysia is standing all year round. Temperatures do not have a large scatter, vary between 25 and 30 degrees. From November to January, a little cooler. High humidity, is also a characteristic feature of the country’s climate. Another feature is the lack of a pronounced rain season, which is not very characteristic of countries located on the equator.