Attic insulation technology, professional approach to the technological process

The technology of attic insulation and thermal insulation of slopes

Based on the climatic conditions in which we are in, the problem of maintaining a comfortable temperature and internal microclimate in the attic is much greater significance and relevance than for Europeans. What thermal insulation solutions can be achieved to turn a cold attic into a cozy room? Since the upper floors of the building lose heat more intensively than the lower ones, they involuntarily have to rush in search of a milestone of possible and existing ways of maintaining thermal energy. In this case, the key to effective thermal insulation is the correct and timely implemented technology for insulation of the attic, in which the basic rules must be observed:

create a continuous circuit of insulation along the entire perimeter;

Provide reliable steam – and hydraulic – insulation on both sides of thermal insulation, including ventilation installation.

Having taken up the ennolation of the pitched roof, it is necessary to comply with the rules for installing rafters and crate, which will maintain the roofing and the heat -insulating material, followed by the transfer of the load to the supporting structures of the structure. A step in which the rafters are installed and the crate should have sizes of 60.00cm. -1.00m. (the calculation of which is based on the loads of the roofing).

The device of vapor barrier

The technology of insulation of the attic is not complete without installing a high -quality vapor barrier layer, which is aimed at preventing moisture and water steam from the dwelling under the roof. It is natural that warm internal air has a higher humidity indicator than a cold external. That is why the diffusion of steam is directed out. Although the roofing is a waterproofing layer that does not pass water vapors, but temperature changes contribute to the inevitable formation of condensate under the roof. As a result of this, premature destruction of elements of the supporting structures arises, thermal insulation properties of the main material worsen, and sneakers appear in the ceiling zone.

Warm walls

The technology of insulation of the attic is important not only from the standpoint of the correct device of slopes, but also to prevent the loss of heat through the end walls, which are called pediments. Their thermal insulation is allowed in several ways. To the most effective option, experts include the external location of the insulating layer of insulation, of course, when this is permissible from the constructive side. For example, when it is planned to finish with the insulation of the facades – it would be more advisable to continue on the pediment. Thanks to this solution, the design will be surrounded by a continuous monolithic contour. In the absence of the possibility of external work and access to the pediment, thermal insulation is allowed from the inside according to the same rules, which are provided for a certain type of structure (stone wall or wooden crate).

So, only a carefully thought -out and consistent technology for insulation of the attic in conditions of complex and alternating climate is the only way to provide a comfortable microclimate in the harsh winter, and hot summer. In this case, it will not be superfluous to dwell on the fact that due to the correctly selected thermal insulation technology, you can significantly lower the costs of heating the premises in the winter and cooling in the summer.