Predyamsky Castle – Return in the days of knights

You will not see a castle built in a mountain anywhere. Slovenia offers this possibility: over the 700 years of its existence, the Predyamsky castle, built in the Gothic style, looks at the surrounding surroundings from a height of 123 meters.

Location. Located near the border with Croatia, the Prayamsky Castle is 9 kilometers from the cave, by the Lokvach River (Lokvac), next to the village, which bears the same name as the castle.

Prayamsky castle

Description. Prevyamsky Castle was built in 1274. The natural disasters and wars were ruthless, so the architecture of the castle was seriously damaged. The Aspect of the Renaissance, the Predyysk Castle acquired only by the 16th century. The appearance of the structure is fascinating, but it blows from its interior cold and emptiness. The historical design includes 15 floors and 15 rooms, which are filled with furniture at a minimum. High humidity, and in places and dripping water, a specific smell, echoed by echoing the steps to the distant past, when the knights ruled the lands, and people did not use the benefits of civilization. Under the Predyamsky castle is one of the largest and most famous caves of Slovenia. Personers can tickle their nerves here.