Business companies post videos on Telegram, not YouTube

Most often, companies and brands want to post videos on Telegram—63% of respondents stated this. 58% strive to publish video content on VKontakte, 57% on YouTube.

This was shown by a survey by the Questionnaire platform, the Association of Directors of Communications and Corporate Media and the PR agency Mediacom.Expert. The online survey involved 500 professionals who use video content in their work. Research: Half of the respondents use video content to attract customers, 49% to advertise new products, 44% to increase audience engagement. The vast majority of respondents publish marketing videos on social networks and blogs. platforms. The rest use video content on the company website, post it on thematic websites and forums, video hosting sites and TV. 82% of respondents use short videos, 35% use stories, 33% use short vertical videos, 33% use “circles” on social networks. Half of Internet users watch short vertical videos. The most popular content formats for marketing purposes are advertising videos, life hacks and training videos, master classes, video reviews and videos with an expert.

Almost half of Russians watch video reviews before purchasing goods. 84% of respondents have increased the cost of producing video content over the past year. A quarter noted an increase in spending several times, 18% – a doubling. In 2024, 71% of respondents want to increase spending on video content creation. What does this mean for business? Videos allow brands to reach larger audiences, which is why most are looking to ramp up video content across multiple platforms.