How to extend the life of a wooden fence?

Stairs and fences

Despite the fact that in the manufacture of fences various materials, such as metal and stone, are still most popular with wooden fences that have an aesthetic appearance, are harmoniously combined with landscape design and are environmentally friendly. In addition, wood fences have an affordable cost and are easily installed. However, as you know, wood is susceptible to negative effects of environment, microorganisms, fungi and mold. In order to protect it and thereby extend the service life of the fence, you have to use special protective equipment and paints that fight these problems and protect the wood. We will talk about them in more detail in our article.

If a wooden fence has metal elements, for example, supporting pillars, then in this case it will be necessary to protect not only wood, but also metal. Since it is in contact with the soil, it is most affected by corrosion and rust. There is a universal material on the market that can be used to protect both metal and wood. We are talking about waterproof, which is a viscous homogeneous fluid. It can be applied using a brush or roller directly to the surface of the processed product. Today it is not difficult to buy waterproof at a low price, because this material is widely used in different construction sectors. In addition, in 2010 it was listed in a hundred of the best goods of the country. This once again confirms the high quality of this material.

To protect the wood of fences, alkyd paints are most often used, which have the best properties and characteristics than oil paints. The composition of alkyd paints includes alkyd oils, which, when connected with polymers, form a high -quality protective layer on the surface of wood, which protects the material from precipitation and its destruction. Although apply alkyd paints on a pre -treated wood surface. So, it should be dry and even, covered with antiseptics. They are needed not only so that the paint is better applied to the material, but also to protect it from fungi, mold, rot, microorganisms and woody blue. That is, the application of an antiseptic is a very important event that significantly increases the life of a wooden fence. After completely drying the antiseptic, wood can be safely covered with alkyd paint of your favorite color.