How to make a strip foundation for a house

The strip foundation in modern construction is used for the construction of private buildings or cottages. This type of foundation can be built of different materials, but its principle is always the same. For its simplicity and speed of construction, the strip foundation is now popular in private construction. Before proceeding with the construction of the foundation, it is necessary to carefully calculate the load of the construction, as well as the conditions of construction, the proximity of groundwater and other characteristics.

A lot depends on the correct calculation of the calculation. Perhaps at the place of construction of the house, the use of a strip foundation is impractical and you should choose another type of foundation. As a rule, for private buildings t. e. houses or cottages, strip foundation is a very convenient option. Two types or type of tape foundation are distinguished:

– Reinforced concrete

– Buttone

The reinforced concrete strip foundation consists in pouring concrete of a prepared trench in which the rods of reinforcement are laid. Reinforcement is needed to give the stiffness of the structure. She must repeat the shape of the base. This type of strip foundation is used in construction on loams or sandy soils.

The button strip foundation also involves pouring with a solution, but instead of reinforcement, large stones are used, which act as a strengthening link. This type of foundation is used on a rocky or sandy area.

As a rule, boards are used as the base for the strip foundation from which the frame is lost. But you can also use brick. The base is also laid out of brick, which is poured with concrete. The disadvantage of this option is that the brick is afraid of moisture, and if you have close groundwater, or high humidity, your brick foundation may quickly collapse. You can’t even if you make good waterproofing. In general, the strip foundation of brick can only be used for wooden or similar light buildings.