The capital of the state of Antigua and Barbuda is the city of St. Jones

In the Caribbean on three islands there is Antigua and Barbuda, the capital of which is the city of St. Jones. The state is very popular with tourists who love water sports and beach holidays.

Sights of the state of Antigua and Barbud

The state consists of three islands: Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda. The predominant direction of the state economy is tourism. The most important tourist center of the state of the three islands is the island of Antigua. Antigua was discovered by Christopher Columbus in a thousand four hundred and ninety -third year. Antigua has a modern infrastructure oriented to an entertainment lifestyle. Here are the night clubs of casinos and modern hotels and entertainment complexes. The main attractions of the island include the ruins of numerous monasteries built in the past centuries, such as: Kapucinsky, Franciscan. Speaking about the sights of the state, it is necessary to mention the National Museum, Fort James and the Cathedral of St. Johns, which was built in one thousand eight hundred and fifth year, as well as the botanical garden, Saint Jorda Lighthouse, Fort George, etc. D. located in St. Jones. Also, travelers are attracted by the Verf Nelson, erected in the eighteenth century.

The island of Barbuda is located fifty kilometers from Antigua. It is very popular among wildlife lovers, since it has almost deserted beaches, an abundant underwater world. On the island is the only city called Codrington. The island is loved by tourists who love wild, natural nature.     Not far from the island of Barbuda is the national natural park under guard – the island of Redond.

National cuisine of the state of Antigua and Barbud

The national cuisine of the state of Antigua and Barbud is very similar to the national cuisine of Latin American countries, such as: Mexico, Brazil and others. Undoubtedly, dishes from the sea of ​​foods: Dishes of lobsters, various types of fish and shrimp are undoubtedly popular.   For the peoples of Latin America, meat dishes are inherent, mainly from beef and pork. The meat is usually fried or stewed in pots. Usually, red beans with smoked sausage in tomato and red pepper are served to the side dish to meat dishes.   Bird dishes are no less popular. One of the most popular bird dishes is Fridantos, which is very similar to barbecue.   Salads as well as cold snacks are usually prepared from onions, tomatoes, corn, sweet pepper and celery. Salads are not seasoned with sour cream or mayonnaise, but seasoned with olive oil.   From soups to Antigua and Baubud they prepare: soups-puree, as well as beans and vermicells soups.   From desserts they prefer – fruits, from drinks prefer – wine and rich, natural coffee.

Weather in Antigua and Barbud

On Antigua and Barbud is usually not very cold and not very hot. Almost the whole year the weather in Antigua and Barbud is warm and dry. Air temperature from plus twenty -six to plus thirty -two degrees. Water temperature plus twenty -five degrees. The warmest and most sultry months are July and August the average temperature of which is thirty -two degrees.   The state is characterized by passive winds, which are growing by September. Rare, short -term rains occur in August and September. The precipitation rate that falls over a year is 1150 millimeters. The most arid months are February, March, and April, in these months the amount of rains reaches up to three times a month.