Myanmar is a journey at another time

Myanmar is one of the poorest and at the same time, one of the most exciting countries of Southeast Asia. A trip here is not just a trip to another part of the world, but also a trip at another time. While large cities live in an atmosphere of 30-40 years ago, the mountain tribes, which are inhabited by the country of Myanmar, live like in the Middle Ages.

The sights of Myanmar

The capital of Myanmar is the city of Yangon, the former ranking is the city of temples, markets, food kiosks and colonial architecture. Its main attractions are: gilded Pagoda Swedagon and Maha Pasan Guha or the Great Cave “. Near the city of Muinkaba is the main temple of the country, Naga-yone (Naga-yone), where the majestic statue of Buddha is protected by a huge cobra, and the other shrine, Golden Rock Pagoda is built near the Kuaiktiyo settlement (Kyaiktiyo).

Coat of arms of Myanmar Map Myanm

The city of Pega, too, has its own attractions. These are: gilded Pagoda Shemaydaw and the statue of the Buddha SHWTHALALYANG. Mandalay, who is rich in palaces, temples and pagodas, are very exciting and informative walks in the old royal city. Its main attractions are: Giant Buddha Sheyyatai, Pagoda of Eindawya (Eindawya), covered with gold foil, and Pagoda Shekimyimyint. The country of Myanmar has a rich history, about which the ruins of the Mandalai Palace and the monastery Shennday Kuang will tell a lot of things.

National cuisine Myanmar

The main ingredient of Burmese dishes is rice, which is most often consumed with chili pepper, garlic and ginger, and fish sauce and dried shrimp are used for aroma. Not a vegetarian, the country of Myanmar almost does not eat meat, and the most popular dishes are: ngapi – pickled fish with a strong smell, mohinga – fish soup with noodles, ovnnukhaukswe – stewed fish in coconut milk. If we talk about desserts, almost ripened lemons and mangoes are the favorite treat of the Burmans.

Weather in Myanmar

The hottest climatic period in Myanmar from February to May, when the temperatures reach 40 degrees, and the coldest one, from December to February, when thermometers testimony are omitted to 20 degrees. Located in the subequatorial zone, the country of Myanmar is often susceptible to Musson, especially from June to October. Of course, the most convenient time of the year to visit the country is December and January, when dry, not so hot and windy.